Jeff and Audra Geneau, husband and wife team, and owners of Rockin JAG Ranch, have been training horses for over 20 years, using natural horsemanship techniques. They are committed to working at the horses pace, and respecting the natural ways in which a horse thinks, (learns) and communicates, (responds) to a trainer. Jeff and Audraʼs goal is to show the horse the way to feel safe and confidant with humans so that they want to please their rider, rather than pushing a horse into subordination. Horses will always take the path of least resistance. A responsible and caring trainer makes it easy for the horse to do whatʼs asked, and less easy to do whatʼs NOT asked.

Horses are much like children, each horse needs direction, guidance, discipline and to be rewarded. They have individual personalities and learn things differently, according to different learning approaches. An approach that might come easy to one horse, might not come so easy to another. It is the trainers job to find, and present, the best technique for each horse, and through trust, patience, firmness, leadership, compassion, and understanding, a true connection between horse and rider can be accomplished. Anyone can train a horse to do something out of fear and intimidation, a good trainer helps that horse WANT to do something, because he wants to please you. The mission of Rockinʼ JAG Ranch is to work in unison with the horse in order to create a willing and trusting partnership between the horse and rider.

Rockinʼ JAG Ranch offers training from colt starting to finished western performance horses. Whether your looking for a sound trail horse or a versatile ranch horse, we can accommodate you. The Ranch features two round pens for starting and warming up horses, and a large outdoor riding arena for working horses with cattle. Graves Creek meanders through the property and is used for training horses to cross water and bridges, plus 22,000+ acres of trails for optimizing trail and hunting exposure. Rockinʼ JAG Ranch also uses a large training obstacle course developed to simulate things that a horse may encounter while under saddle. Some examples are tarps, gates, moving
bridges, paths through tight brush, tying posts, and poles of different heights.

About the Trainers

Trainer Jeff Geneau, has had a special connection with horses since childhood and throughout his horse training career. He is retired from the Cowboy Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) after competing professionally for over 11 years. He has won three Bareback State Championship Titles, Georgia 1996, and Texas 1997, and 1998. In 1999 Jeff entered in the CPRA Texas State Finals. He competed in saddle bronc, bareback, and bull riding, sweeping all three events and earning him the title “Cowboy of the Year.” He continued to compete part time from 2001 to 2008 after sustaining a serious injury in a bareback event. Jeff qualified for the World National Finals in 2001 but was forced, at that time, into semi-retirement from his injury. Jeff also competed in saddle bronc, team penning, roping, reining, and stock work categories, Today he continues to work with horses with his wife Audra, through training, breeding, farrier work, and all other business ventures of Rockinʼ JAG Ranch. Maybe someday he might just open a bronc riding school to help other aspiring young bronc riders.

Audra Geneau works together with Jeff caring for, and training horses. She was raised in a farming family and has been around horses all her life. She has competed in barrel racing and other events, and tries to escape to the trails whenever possible. She has instructed people of all ages in helping them find that “sweet spot” to develop a riding style for both rider and horse. She is always eager and open to learning new training techniques, and gives much credit to her her husband for his patient ways of teaching her so much about horses. Audra also runs the office operations for Rockinʼ Jag Ranch and Horseshoeing.

Both of their experiences allow the team to train efficiently together, in whatever direction you want to aim your horse towards. Jeff and Audra are always exited to help horses and riders through this journey we call horsemanship. Feel free to contact us for additional questions. We look forward to working with you in the future. Until then,
Happy Trails!

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